Get Involved

In order to offer food, clothing, shelter, love, and other necessities to our guests and neighbors, Karen House depends on volunteers.   Call us (314-621-4052) for more information.  Check out our values statement here!

Join Us – Sign up for our Karen House email and mailing list here!

Volunteer- Karen House always needs help organizing closets,cleaning, and general help! We do accept folks doing court-mandated community service; call us for more info.

  • Are you a student in need of service hours?  Call us to sign up! 314-621-4052

Donate- We are always in need of money to keep the house running. We are not a 501(c)3 tax-deductible non-profit agency, therefore we rely completely on donations from individuals and groups to pay the expenses of running the house. Make a donation to Karen House here.

  • Clothing -We take clothing for all people and body types, but only if they are IN SEASON. Our clothing room is small, and we don’t have room to store out of season clothes. Thanks for understanding.

KarenHouseCookbook 1Cook Dinner- Make dinner at your house and bring it, bring food to cook at the house, or cook the food we have. We serve 30 people for dinner, which is at 6pm every night. Cooking is a great option for groups of 3-6 people. Check out the Karen House Cookbook for great recipe ideas!

Volunteer GroupsWe welcome groups of folks to help us out!  Please keep in mind the value of personalism; we are trying to create a warm home for each guest who stays with us. Along these lines, we ask that groups be limited in size to 10 or under, and that you come with an open heart and mind.  Read more about this idea in an interesting article here.

Tutor- During the school year, we *sometimes* have a tutoring program that runs in the afternoons.

Learn more about the Catholic Worker – Browse our list of books, videos and movies on the Catholic Worker here.  Read some inspiring CW writings here.

Take House- A wonderful way to get to know the guests and learn. Housetakers answer the phone and doors for a shift. (Shifts are all different lengths). We train you how to do it, then you are free to sign up for shifts on our housetaker schedule.

Organize a Drive- We’ve received fantastic donations from underwear drives to cereal drives. Call us to find out the current needs.

The Feast

Consider joining our Community- After they have volunteered for a period of time taking house, many folks become interested in participating even more in the day-to-day work of the house. Here’s the general process of joining the KH Community:

  1. Wonderful person expresses interest to any community member in joining the KH community.
  2. The community brings this interest to a meeting, to discuss if it’s a good time to accept a  new person (this is determined by how things in the house are going, community numbers, if we are already in process with a new person, etc.) If yes,
  3. We send the interested person a copy of our Values Statement so that they know more about the community and whether it’s a good fit for them.
  4. The interested person comes to meeting to talk about their interest – what is drawing them, why they want to move in, etc. If the community agrees,
  5. The person moves in and does 2 month trial period, learning about how the community runs the house, more about CW philosophy, etc.
  6. After 2 months, the person goes on a retreat to discern whether they want to fully the community. If yes,
  7. The person has another discussion with community, and community decides!