Resources: Racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement

This resource was last updated in 2020.  We hope you find it helpful!


About the Movement 

  • What the Movement Wants
  • Highway Shutdowns
  • Myths and Truths

Essential Concepts

  • Definitions: Bias, White Privilege, Racism and White Supremacy
  • Why Not “All Lives Matter?”
  • “Black on Black Crime”


Election 2016

  • Trump and the Role of Whiteness
  • Impact of Racism on Presidential Elections
  • Roles of Allies Now

What is Structural Racism? 

  • Great Intro Videos
  • St. Louis-Specific Info
  • Housing Segregation


Tools for Talking about Racism

  • Important Facts to Know
  • Suggestions for Difficult Conversations

racism police prison

Racism, Policing, and Prisons

  • What is Mass Incarceration?
  • How Does Racism Intersect with Policing?
  • Reform and Abolition

Faith and the Black Lives Matter Movement

  • Christian Responses to Racism
  • Scripture and Prayer Resources

Get Involved

  • Anti-Racism Organizations
  • Suggestions for Action

Catholic Worker Reflections on Anti-Racism Work

  • Articles and Reflections from Communities across the Country

The Intersections of Different Identities

  • Islamophobia
  • What is White Feminism?
  • Connections between Race and Class

Curricula and Group Reflections for Change 

  • One-Page Workshops
  • Links to Great Reflections
  • Resource Packets

Unpacking Principles

  • Nonviolence
  • Solidarity
  • Diversity
  • Direct Action


For White Folks Dismantling Racism

  • White Patterns of Behavior
  • White Guilt and White Fragility
  • Videos on Allyship


Tools for Anti- Racist Families

  • Great Book Lists
  • Reflections from Parents
  • Action Suggestions