Anti-Racism and Privilege Resources

Short Articles and Resources

Resources and reflections on the Orlando shooting here.

inclusion manifesto picInclusion Manifesto (poster at right declaring celebration of all people)

Dismantling Racism-Some Definitions

White Privilege Article by Peggy McIntosh (includes the White Privilege Checklist)

Communal Action Ideas- Sexism & Homophobia

Group Reflections

Introduction to Privilege (1 page, touches on class, race, ability, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age)

Privilege and Oppression Exercise for High School and College Groups (Intro to privilege, definitions of target groups, dominant groups, and oppression)

Privilege, Charity and Justice for Middle School Students (Intro to privilege, group exercise differentiating the difference between charity and justice)

Great Big Fabulous Packets!

2018 Patriarchy Packet for Sugar Creek








2018 Anti-Racism Packet for Intentional Communities










Sexism & Homophobia Packet cover pic2013 Sexism & Homophobia Packet

            • Introduction to Sexism, Heterosexism, and Privilege
            • Communal Dynamics
            • Characteristics of Internalized Sexism and Internalized Heterosexism
            • Action Suggestions and Practice Scenarios
            • Created by Jenny Truax and Carolyn Griffeth as a workshop resource for the 2013 Midwest CW Gathering




facil packet

2015 Anti Racism Resource Packet


From the St. Louis CW. Background articles on white privilege and racism, group and individual readings and exercises.




undoing racism cover pic

Dismantling Racism Resource Book

              • The construction of race and racism
              • Connections between different oppressions
              • Stages of development
              • Becoming Anti-Racist Allies
              • Developed by the Western States Center – amazing resource!