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This work of hospitality is truly only possible because the larger community supports it.

There are two ways to give:  1) You can make a one time donation, or 2) set up an easy recurring payment from your bank account or credit card.



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Karen House is dependent on individuals, families, and groups to survive- we don’t seek funding from foundations, corporations, or the government, and we’re not a tax-(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  Here’s why:

We welcome your donations and participation. As Catholic Workers our hospitality to the homeless is part of an integrated lifestyle of simplicity, service, and resistance to oppression, all of which is inherently political. For this reason, we are not a tax exempt organization. Furthermore, we seek to create an alternative culture where giving is celebrated and human needs are met directly through close, personal human relationships. Thus, all of our funding comes from individuals like you who share yourself and your funds so that this work can go on.

Thanks again for your support!