The Catholic Worker on Economics

From Karen House Catholic Worker:

– Building a New Society: Spring 2008 RoundTable

– The Global Economy: Fall 2001 RoundTable




From the Los Angeles Catholic Worker:

– Free Market Capitalism: Robbing the Poor  – Jeff Deitrich

– The Bailout: Socialism For Wall Street – Interview with Mark Engler


From the Houston Catholic Worker:

– Faith and the Financial Crisis  – Jim Consedine

– It’s All About Usury – John Médaille

From the Des Moines Catholic Worker:

– Trying to Serve God and Money is a Losing Bet – Frank Cordaro

– Heterosexism as a Metaphor for Capitalism and Other Sins – Mona Shaw


From the Catholic Worker Founders:

– On Economics: Easy Essays– Peter Maurin

– On Interest and Money Lending– Dorothy Day

More on Distributism (economic system promoted by the Catholic Worker):


– “Roots of the Catholic Worker Movement: Distributism: Ownershipof the Means of Production and Alternative to the Brutal Global Market” – Mark and Louise Zwick