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The Final Issue of the Round Table

Final Issue: Love Letters to Karen House


City Hope St. Louis has now officially taken over the hospitality work from the Catholic Worker community!   Contact them (info below) with questions on finding housing, donations, hours, and getting involved in the hospitality (and follow their page for announcements on the building rehab and fall re-opening!)

Our Karen House Facebook page will continue to post Catholic Worker-related topics, and also any requests we get from former guests.

The Karen House website will continue to offer a huge volume of resources on anti-racism work, consensus decision making, and Catholic Worker thought and action.

The St. Louis Catholic Worker community is filled with gratitude for the 40+ years we’ve had, and excited that our beautiful building will continue to offer love and shelter to those who most need it. Thank you for being part of our extended family!

City Hope Info:

City Hope St. Louis (DBA Hope House)

2010 South 8th Street Saint Louis, MO  63104

314-904-HOPE (4673)

City Hope Website

City Hope Facebook Page

St. Louis Resources for Support during COVID-19

St. Louis- Specific Resource list (includes food sources, educational sources, etc.) We did not create the resource, but has some good ideas!

STL Response is a new dashboard that organizes the many powerful resource guides, news updates, and social media feeds that people across the region created to support their neighbors

Farewell: A Message to All Our Supporters

May 2020

A dream came true 42 years ago. Seven audacious women envisioned a Catholic Worker House in North St. Louis. They created community and invited guests to come stay with them. (The first guest was a woman named Karen). Karen House was born, dreamed into being…. Read the rest of our message here