Resources on the Catholic Worker

 Catholic Worker Resources

          • Intro to the Catholic Worker
          • In-Depth Articles on CW Philosophy
          • Books, videos, movies on the CW


Consensus Decision Making

Consensus Decision Making Resources

          • Facilitating advice and practice scenarios
          • Group exercises to improve consensus decision making
          • Toolboxes, Pitfalls and Beatitudes of consensus decision making


Anti-Oppression Resources Anti-Racism, Privilege and Anti-Oppression Resources

          • Reflections for high school and middle school groups
          • White Privilege
          • Suggestions for Allies


 Painting - candace brekke Fact Sheets and Group Reflections

          • Reflection Packet on Karen House and the Catholic Worker
          • Simple Living
          • Poverty and Homelessness in the U.S.
          • Reflection Packet for Service Groups


not aloneKaren House Resources

          • Articles and Essays from Karen House
          • Songs and Traditions
          • KH Values Statement