Food, Clothing, and Shelter at Karen House

UPDATE: We are currently full, and not taking new guests. 

If you are looking for shelter space, call us – 314.621.4052.  We are a small house (13 rooms) with a low turnover rate, so it is difficult to get in.  We are CLOSED Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When a space opens up, we consider new guests on Mondays, so call us then! Consensus Decision Making Unfortunately, we aren’t able to maintain a waiting list.

If you need clothing, please visit our free Clothing Room on Tuesday afternoons 1:30-3:00pm.

We also serve sandwiches daily from 3-5pm, and also give away extra donations of produce and bread.

Call us with any questions! 314-621-4052

Other Helpful Resources

Start Here St. Louis is a comprehensive guide to all kinds of St. Louis services. Check it out!!!!


Feed My People 631-4900

Hunger Hotline 726-5355

Operation Food Search 726-5355


Housing Resource Ctr. (the main hotline for St. Louis City) 241-5600

Missionaries of Charity 533-2777  (Call before 3:30, no admits on Thurs, no boys over 5)

New Life Evangelistic Center 421-3020

East SideThe Feast

Illinois Shelter Hotline 618-397-5730

Holy Angel 618-874-4079

2nd Chance 618-482-5662

Sal Army (Belleville) 618-236-2167 Alton: 618-465-7764

Domestic Violence Shelters

Alive (don’t provide shelter, a helpline) 993-2777

Maria Droste (single women) 383-5553

Safe House 772-4535

St Charles Women’s Ctr 636-946-6854

St Martha’s 533-1313

Weinman Ctr 423-1117

Fortress Outreach (women with kids) 381-4422

For Pregnant Women 

Our Lady’s Inn (18 & older) 351-4590  mary's flower

Haven of Grace (16-24) 621-6507

Olive Branch (21 & younger) 367-7676

For Teenagers and Kids

Crisis Nursery 768-3201

Covenant House (17-21years) 231-0354

Marian Hall (12-15 years old) 531-0511

YES (11-17 years old, 30 days) 727-6294

Youth in Need (16-21 years) 636-946-010

Annie Malone (Drop-in and shelter) 531-0120

Fr. Dunnes (teenage boys) 837-0513

Youth Emgcy. Ctr (12-17 years) 862-1334

Coleman (residential, school aged) 739-6811

Safe Place 636-946-3771

Mary Grove 830-6272 or 837-1702

Other Helpful Resources

Horizon Club 436-1733 (drop-in, shower, food)   Painting - candace brekke

Travelers Aid 241-5820 (Long-distance traveling)

Energy Assist: Winter 340-7600   Summer 535-7607

Summer 535-7607

College Church 977-7308  (ID, police check, Birth Cert.)

Metro Ministry 534-1010

StL Adventist 429-0216

Heat Up/Cool Down 241-7668

St. Augustine (utilities) 385-1934

LIHEAP (winter help) 340-5000 catholic worker table

PAKT (utility, rent help) 524-2710

MO Energy 773-5900

St. Jane 383-6539

St Vincent de Paul 531-7837  Utility food clothes etc

Catholic Charities 367-5500

Homevestors (Scott) 583-5202

Centenary (food, birth cet, ID) 421-3136

Horizon (drop-in, shower, food) 436-1733

Urban League 388-0232