Resources: From the Catholic Worker on Racism

Catholic Worker Anti-Racism Review: Winter 2022

Catholic Worker Anti-Racism Review: Winter 2019

Catholic Worker Anti-Racism Review: Winter 2018

Catholic Worker Anti-Racism Review: Spring 2018

2018 Anti-Racism Gathering at the New York Catholic Worker:

Download the Anti-Racism chapter from the book project “Recipes for the Beloved Community”

List of Anti-Racism resources for intentional comunities

Direct Action on Ourselves: Anti-Racism Work in the Midwest Catholic Worker  -Article in the New York CW from Brenna Cussen Anglada

Lament. Repent. Repair. (An Open Letter on Racism to the Catholic Worker Movement) -from the Midwest Catholic Worker Gathering, 2017

Karen House Statement on the Stockley Verdict – 2017

A Peter Predicted Transition – Joe Kraus, Minneapolis Catholic Worker

“Inescapable Whiteness” – Marilee Jolin, published in the Fall 2015 Seattle CW paper

“On Whiteness” – Brenna Cussen Anglada, published in the Summer 2015 Dubuque CW paper

National Catholic Reporter Article on Racism and the Catholic Worker: Race and ‘A Very White Movement’

The Catholic Worker through Anti Racism Lens  – Carolyn Griffeth

How I will prepare my white son for the interactions he won’t have with police – Frida Berrigan

Ferguson, Solidarity and Nonviolence

Pages from sugar creek ar final draft

Download the packet: The CW and Anti-Racism Work, 2015

Jenny Truax

Beyond White Privilege: Witnessing Whiteness– Carolyn Griffeth

Anti-Racist Organizing for White People – Compiled by the CW Anti-Racist Collective

Blog post on Ferguson and Eric Garner – Paulna Valbrun

An invitation we must not refuse — Open Letter to the St. Louis CW – letter from various Catholic Workers nationwide

Karen House Statement Following the Death of Mike Brown