Our Neighborhood

The neighborhood around Karen House has witnessed a variety of communities and projects.  Some have been connected to Karen House, some have been independent.  Over the years, we’ve published articles from some of these houses and communities.  Here is a brief sampling.

Cass House (1978-1988)

  cass house

cass housecass house

cass housecass house
cass houseAccommodating both men, and women & children in separate areas, Cass House was a huge operation that also included a soupline.  It was housed in the historic Clemens Mansion.

clemens-quarterview Introduction to Cass House – Sue Lauritsen (1978)

From Cass House -Carol Donahue (1984)

Cass House – Last Article (1988)

Reflections on  Cass House – Barb Prosser (2012)

Grace House (2003-2013)

grace house

Grace House was a small house of hospitality for one Spanish-speaking family.

Grace House Article – Becky Hassler (2012)

Kabat House (2001 – 2018)

kabat_000Kabat House did hospitality for single folks, immigrants, and families. Here’s a few articles from and about Kabat House:

From Kabat House: First Article – Carolyn Griffeth (2006)

From Kabat House – Sarah Sunseri (2008)

Reflection on Kabat House – Carolyn Griffeth (2012)

From Kabat House – Mary Densmore (2013)

Teka Childress House (2004-2012)

tc house

TC House was small house of hospitality for one family. 

From TC House- Jenny Truax and Annjie Schiefelbein (2007)

Reflection from TC House: Parenting as a Non-Parent – Annjie Schiefelbein  (2009)

From TC House – Robert McGee (2010)

From TC House – Annjie and Jenny (2012)

New Roots Urban Farm (2004-Present)

new roots photo 4 panelnew roots 4 panel New Roots is an organic farm next door to Karen House.

Introduction to New Roots – Mary Harganon (2008)

Adventures in Urban Farming – Mary Densmore (2013)

Little House (1980??-Present)

little house

Little House is a four family flat that has hosted guests and Catholic Workers for over 30 years.

From Little House – Mary Ann McGivern (1985)

From Little House – Mary Ann McGivern (1991)

From Little House – Teka Childress and Mike Baldwin (2008)

From Little House -Mike Baldwin (2009)

From Little House – Teka Childress (2011)

Dorothy Day Co-Housing Community (2000-2005)

The Dorothy Day Co-Housing Community attempted to create a more egalitarian community between Catholic Workers and former guests of Karen House. Meals were shared, kids received new opportunities for education, and a truly radical experiment was conducted.

Dorothy Day Co-Housing Community Article

dorothy day cohousing

Interview: Becky Hassler and Teka Childress describe the founding and lived experience of this Catholic Worker Co-Housing Community, which thrived in St. Louis between 2000-2005.

Misc. Articles 

not alone

Article on our neighborhood – Riverfront Times (2007)

Interview – Teka Childress on St. Louis Winter Outreach